bookmark_borderThese popular furniture styles always have one that suits you.

Today, share with you the more popular furniture style!

These popular furniture styles always have one that suits you.

1.New -Chinese style. The new Chinese style is an interpretation of the meaning of contemporary Chinese traditional culture; it is a modern design based on a full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. It is not a purely Chinese style element, but through the understanding of traditional culture, combining modern elements with traditional elements to create a traditional charm that meets the aesthetic needs of modern people.

2.Simple American style. Jane’s style is a continuation of the American classical style, the characteristics of the simple style is to the design elements, colors, lighting, raw materials and so on simplified to the minimum degree, the whole gives a simple atmosphere, there is not too much complex space layout, each is particularly clean and comfortable, and modern and practical.

3.Modern American style. Modern American style is the product of the development trend of the times, the color is more abundant than the traditional American, more young, furniture choice is more inclusive. Its pursuit of gorgeous, elegant classical style, reflects a sense of culture, a sense of value and mood.

4.Nordic style. The Nordic style refers to the art design style of the northern European countries and is known for its simplicity. It has the characteristics of simplicity, nature and humanity. In general, the Nordic style is divided into two types, one is a modern style filled with modern lines, and the other is a natural style that admires nature and rustic style. Emphasize that the indoor space is spacious, transparent inside and outside, and maximize the introduction of natural light. The shades are mainly light colors: white, beige, light wood, etc.

These popular furniture styles always have one that suits you.

5.Modern minimalist style. The modern minimalist style, as the name suggests, is to make all the details look very simple. The ease of decoration is to make the space look very simple and atmospheric. Features are the emphasis on functional design, simple and smooth lines, color contrast is strong.